Amrita, sacred nectar is the yoni [vagina]’s response to pleasure. Oddly many men claimed that this was not a ‘real’ experience. They said that women were really urinating. And anyway, how could there be female ejaculation if doctors’ did not know about it? Now, with further examination there is clear bio-chemical evidence about the different nature of female ejaculation from urine. But a new challenge now faces women.


With the porn industry over-emphasizing the most intense experiences as ‘gushing’ and ‘squirting’, women (and men) often feel under pressure to see women release large amounts of liquid to prove that their love-making has been ‘successful’. For some women this is natural and easy. For others it may not even feel right or necessary for their bodies. And many, many women are in between those two extremes.


The sensation of amrita


As so often with the female body, there are a wide range of subtle experiences that are not shouted about or even recognised. Women can enjoy deep satisfaction without a big display. Many have experienced amrita but do not  recognize it as it feels part of the general experience. Often the sensation of amrita starting to flow can be confused with the sensation of wanting to pee, even though it is coming from a different but close part of the anatomy. Sadly many women will have had negative experiences of being accused of peeing by their partners. They may stop the flow by tightening up against ‘peeing’.


So for women who are curious about experiencing their female ejaculation more deeply there is one very important rule. Go to the toilet before you start your love-making. And if you are anxious about ‘accidents’ have a good towel ready to place under yourself. Then the trick is to relax and let the sensations that may feel unusual really let go. In doing this you have the opportunity to allow more of you body’s marvelous system to show you what is possible when you trust and feel without expectations and demands.

If you’re interested in finding more about this, I’d suggest as a first step reading Deborah Sundahl’s book ‘Female Ejaculation and the G Spot’. I remember reading this on the train and a woman asking me if it was fiction. It isn’t.