The Glasgow Sex Lectures 2019 – Cutting Edge Dialogues Of Desire 

The most important things are the hardest to talk about.

In this inspiring and connecting evening, speakers with unique and cutting edge views on sexuality, relationships and love will share their ideas in pithy 12 minute talks.

Good Sex can offer both connection and pleasure. It’s human to be fascinated by sexuality, yet with the rise of divorce, Tinder and porn, we’re wondering how the current reality could move beyond #metoo and Cosmo?

Who can offer us a greater understanding of the power of sexuality for connection, creativity, awareness and pleasure? How can we let love enlighten us, and sex truly enliven us? You’re invited to come and join us in the cosy and comfortable CCA cinema for a relaxed, yet thought provoking evening. The event will include 7 talks and time to meet and mingle.

The speakers are:

John Fraser – Sex Therapy For Couples

Sharon McKay – A Resolution In Passion: Gentileschi And Me

Michael Dresser – Reinventing The Wheel: How To Touch in the 21st Century

Lucy Iredale – Play And Pleasure

Hussein Ahmed – How Internet Porn Addiction Blocks Intimacy: From Isolation To Connection

Chris Grady – Clothing Optional Theatre For Audiences..What? You Mean Us?

Karen Denise Welch – Passion And Presence

Compere: Alison Pilling of Sex School for Grown Ups

Join us for a drink at 6.30pm. Talks start at 7

Tickets are on sale through the CCA. Numbers are restricted to 60 and tickets are likely to sell out quickly.

programme details: