mentoring aspiring sexuality practitioners


I offer mentoring for Aspiring Sexuality Practitioners and for Sexuality Practitioners

For Aspiring Sexuality Practitioners

The Aperitif: If you’re thinking of working professionally in the sexuality field, the chances are that you’re going to look around for what trainings there might be on offer, what looks best in terms of reputation, content and price, and then jump into it, perhaps after a Zoom call or two with one of the trainers. But that’s premature, and potentially very wasteful of your time, money and enthusiasm, because you don’t ask yourself the obvious initial question: What sort of practitioner do I want to be? Who do I want to work with? How do I want to work? These questions are absolutely fundamental. And I can help you clarify them, so you don’t waste your time trying to accommodate yourself within a training system that isn’t a good fit for you. And, given that no training can be a perfect fit, I can help you see how your training furnishes you with useful tools which you can adapt to fit your broader purpose, rather than an orthodoxy which you must uphold.

The Digestif: You may want to do an established course, like Sexological Bodywork say, because you feel that will give you more credibility. Except it probably won’t, because your potential clients are very unlikely to have ever heard of the term. And even if they have, they don’t care. What matters is whether they trust you and believe you can help them. But that doesn’t mean it’s not extremely valuable to learn the hows and whys from experienced practitioners. A training gives you confidence. But it should be your helper, not your master. You shouldn’t forget why you decided to embark on training in the first place. Training, seen correctly, is immensely valuable. But it probably won’t entirely fit what you want to do. Some of the training you won’t use. It’ll miss out on some things that you do want to give to clients. The language or orientation may not be an exact match for you. I can help with all of this. I can be your alchemist, helping you to change the garments of learning you’ve been given into something which fits your original intention – and your own nature –  better. 

For Sexuality Practitioners


When you’re working in this field, it’s really helpful to have someone to talk things through with, explore new ideas and perspectives, and just generally have your back. I can be that guy.

I have been immersed in the sexuality field for a quarter of a century. I have been working professionally since 2012. I was a litigation lawyer for 35 years. I am a seasoned meditation teacher. I have an immense wealth of life experience. 


Our work is inherently relational and creative, but that is often submerged under a somewhat sterile professionalism. I’m always developing new work, and I’d like companions to share and develop that with, and I’d like to offer the same thing for you. We don’t get the chance to play, experiment and create as much as we should.