How to start working with me [for Couples]

Our first point of contact will generally be one of you filling in my short enquiry form  giving me your contact details and I will then arrange to meet in person with both of you. Prior to the meeting, it would be helpful if you had a look at my articles, which give a good sense of my range and approach. You can find them here. You can get my perspective on my work with Couples here.

The purpose of our first contact is for me to get a general sense of the issues and whether I can help, and for you to decide if you want to work with me. This is important, because you both need to be prepared to engage positively. Just wanting your partner to be ‘fixed’ doesn’t work. If there are underlying issues elsewhere in the relationship having a knock on effect on your sexual life, you’re probably better seeing a talking therapist.

There’s no charge for this chat, and it usually takes around 30 minutes.

If you both decide that you do want to work with me, we then arrange a further meeting. Prior to this, I will have had you both separately complete my questionnaire, which will give me a very good sense where each of you are coming from, and how the relationship is:  both the challenges and the opportunities for growth and  positive change.

In the course of the Exploratory conversation, I will speak to each of you separately, then together, and we will map out what the issues are and how we can work together to make the relationship more nourishing and satisfying. This usually takes around two hours, and is chargeable. My charging rate is £75 an hour. Subsequent sessions, unless we are working on Zoom, are also 2 hours.

At the session I will give you individually tailored exercises for you to practice together privately at home, based on our discussions and the information you’ve both given me. In subsequent sessions, I’ll get feedback from you and we will build on these exercises, adapting as necessary, to re-establish pleasurable intimacy and good communication, and will work to broaden your repertoire, so you don’t fall into the repetitive sexual boredom that afflicts so many couples. Although a lot of my work is touch based, my work with Couples is almost always just talking.

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