Our first point of contact will generally be one of you filling in my short enquiry form  giving me your contact details and I will then arrange a free Zoom call with both of you. Prior to the call, it would be helpful if you had a look at my articles, which give a good sense of my range and approach. You can find them here. You can get my perspective on my work with Couples here.

The purpose of this Zoom call is for me to get a general sense of the issues and whether I can help, and for you to decide if you want to work with me. There’s no charge for this call, and it usually takes around 30 minutes.

If you both decide that you do want to work with me, we arrange a further Zoom call. Prior to the call, I will have had you both independently complete a detailed questionnaire, which will give me a very good sense where each of you are coming from, and how the relationship is:  both the challenges and the opportunities for growth and change.

In the course of the Exploratory call, I will speak to each of you separately, then together, and we will map out what the issues are and how we will work together to make the relationship more nourishing and satisfying. The Exploratory call usually takes between an hour and a half and two hours.

How we proceed after that depends if we are working in person, on Zoom, or a combination of these.

Working In Person

If we are working in person, we will just arrange a date and time for our first session, which will be two hours. We will have agreed in advance what we will do in the session, but this is always flexible. After the first session, I will prepare a Google Doc for each of you, which will detail individual and couple exercises  to do between sessions. You will give me confidential feedback in the Doc so I can give further guidance, and we can carry all that into our next in person session. If you are only able to have an in person session once a month or less, to keep the momentum we will have a Zoom call between sessions to discuss progress, resolve issues and adjust and add to the exercises as appropriate.

Working on Zoom

If we are working on Zoom, at the Exploratory session we will agree the frequency of future calls. These will tend to be one hour long. In the call I will speak to each of you separately, then together. I will assign you exercises to do between the sessions, and you will give me feedback in the Google Doc. In the session, I will adjust, clarify and add to the exercises, as appropriate. My usual suggestion is to have the session every two weeks, as this gives a balance between having enough time to do the exercises and keeping the momentum going.

Zoom/In Person Combination

This is particularly suitable if you live some distance away, London say, but are able to come to Glasgow from time to time for a more intensive period of practice.

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